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You can play a CORE role in changing the future of early cancer detection.

astellas logoIf you are between the ages of 20-79, you may be eligible to participate in a research study of a new investigational blood test being developed to detect a variety of cancer types, even at the earliest stages.

The CORE-HH study is seeking individuals recently diagnosed with cancer, who have not yet received treatment, and individuals not suspected of having cancer to join the study by donating a one or more blood samples.


  • You will be able to review the study details and provide consent to participate.
  • Donate your blood. A 40 ml blood sample (four 70 ml tubes, which is about the same as three tablespoons) will be taken. Additional samples will be taken if you participate in extended follow-up
  • For a selected group of individuals, two or three additional 40 ml blood draws will be scheduled over the next 72 months based upon your care plan.


Results are not provided because this is a research study to develop the Harbinger Health test. Your contribution today can help us transform the future of early cancer detection.

There is no cost to you or your insurance company.

You will receive $75 for participating in the study and additional compensation for the extra blood draws.

Click here for Information on Participating Doctors and Locations